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Ambient Scenting Is The Next Frontier

If you fail to ‘manipulate’ your customers’ brain to purchase your stuff by putting those colorful and dazzling items on display, then you could probably grab their attention and imprison their mind by letting them smell your store’s ambient scenting.

Yes, you just read an exactly true sentence, encouraging you to be a bit more sensitive about your customers’ smell sensory system. Most of us are not that much aware of how scents can manipulate our mood. While, in fact, if you are careful enough to notice its presence, you will likely be struck by fear or danger under the influence of bad smells and pleased by relaxing and rejuvenating sensation as you are smelling good smells.

So, going back to the primary business, what do scents have with business deals?

Potential Marketing Instrument

Ambient scenting is understood as specific scents used in various environments, places, and circumstances to induce desirable effects on targeted humans, which are in this case are customers. This instrument has actually been long employed in retail industry. One of the most noticeable venue to put the scents around is hotels.

Have you gone to a hotel of which smells planted deeply in your unconsciousness sphere? To make it more understandably stated, these scents have resided in your mind that you can always remember whenever you are reminded about the hotel. Or, you can easily recognize the smell even if it is situated in other places. That’s exactly how scent marketing works.

Ambient scenting aims to inject certain ideas to every nose and brain to which it is inhaled. These ideas are varied, depending on what goals that the user tries to reach. Yet, in the case of hotels’ spheres, good smells are commonly preferred, such as lavender and orange.

By spreading out the scents to the hotels’ lobby and rooms, customers are left with unique impression about the hotels they stay in. This makes it possible for every hotel around this world to come with their distinct chosen aroma as it is how they distinguish their business from the rest of the competitors.

Varied Venues

Fortunately, it is not only hotels, restaurants or cottages using this scent marketing approach. Some offices, banks, and other industrial buildings have been more aware to their customers’ psychological power which can be ‘manipulated’ by ambient scenting.

So, if you are on the side of this scent marketing, it would be such a ground-breaking marketing strategy wisely chosen by your company.