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Ambient Scenting

The retail environment is very important for you whether you are running a small women clothing store or you are the owners of the huge mall. If your customer or clients do not like your shop or mall environment they certainly won’t bringing any money to you either. According to recent research which is performed by Professor Ana showed that majority of the peoples clearly enjoy scent spaces.  This research also showed a 55% increase in dwelling time, 7% increase in customer satisfaction, and about 6% increase in sales when scents spaces are added to the mall or shop environment. You might ask about that what a catch is. Also, a common question which has arisen in the mind of the most of the people is that when every mall or shop owner is not using scents spaces as these spaces are so powerful in terms of getting more customers. For working effectively with scents you need to have right delivery and right fragrance system for it. If scent places are not correct, then things might backfire.

Everyone knows that one manufacturer cannot add scent spaces to the environment. A manufacturer needs to have fragrances that suit every environment. So this is the main reason we work with each and every manufacturer which is best in the entire city or area with fragrance designers. We offer the best solution for every space and need so in this way you can concentrate on your core business while we make your environment wonderful.

Many large stores and malls are setting their air with fragrances. This process can be done very easily by small motion controlled units hiding under the shelf or adding large units in air conditioning. Our company is one the best company out there delivering a myriad of devices and smells to businesses, and this marketing is called ambient scenting.

Those businesses using Ambient scenting it would be very nice if you disclosed it somehow. You need to add discrimination on your website or put a sticker in your storefront window. It is one of the most interesting marketing techniques to most but also, on the other hand, this technique also makes some peoples sick.

Small Ambient Scent Areas

There are many different ways to create an ambient scent environment for the smaller areas. Making smaller ambient areas in not a bad idea even your retail space is large in size. In fact in some cases, we also suggest our clients create smaller scent areas in such places where people pass by. In this way out customers doesn’t get anosmia, which means that they get such small ambient scent area that why they can’t smell it anymore? For small scent space, we offer our customers oil nebulization as well as dry air systems. When space sizes are between 10-40 meters then for this kind of space Dry air technology is great. While on the other hand oil nebulization works perfectly in 50-70 meter spaces.

Large Ambient Scent Areas

We always mean 100-300 meters areas while we are going to talk about large scenting areas. For large scent areas, we can supply multiple possibilities. Some of our machines work better in high space while other works best in heavily ventilated areas. There are many derived involved in this process because almost every space is different from each other. So due this reason the whole process is done carefully. The best way to be successful in this process is that you need to use right technology at the right scent for the right space.

Sent Via HVAC

If you want scent large areas such as malls, parking garages or big retail spaces then we recommend you hooking up our machines into your HVAC system. In this way, scent mixes a large volume of air and becomes very subtle. Scents cover large spaces when they are running through HVAC. Most of the machines provided by our company have to option of HVAC hook up.