About the Scent Up Founder

Scent Up has all of the scents and fragrances that you could possibly desire to possess. We have a great and huge selection of Unique and Sophisticated perfumes so you can be sure that you will find the perfect scent for your property no matter what your preference is. Be it floral, fruity, and oriental or a spicy fragrance there is something for everyone. We have an incredible collection of scents for lobby and special events.

Scent Up is the leader in offering customized scent marketing solutions comes up with an aim to assist your business for its optimum growth and success.

Besides gaining knowledge about our existence, hope it is a better idea to know where we are going. Scent Up has created its own benchmark in this industry by assisting people in their business development and prospective growth. To explore it in a better way, you can visit our office and discover our core values throughout the office premises.

Through our scents we make your environment charming and enjoyable. We deal in uncountable brands of in-house signature scents.

We always believe in 100% satisfaction of our all costumers. We never compromise on quality of our products. And we want to build long term relation with our customers.


About the Founder


 Jansep Ejercito is the Founder of Scent Up Aroma Marketing Thailand. He has vast experience in scent marketing, aroma marketing and fragrance marketing fields. He has more than five years of experience in ambient scent marketing industry. He created the company with a few team members and started as the pioneers of scent marketing business in Thailand and is now the fast growing and expanding in Southeast Asia. This is due to his hard work and capabilities. He works day and night for the company and for the satisfaction of costumers. He believes that without the satisfaction of his costumers he will never make his company reputable. So he introduces lot of brands and services and builds reputation in the market. His team members are very capable, works hard and introduce uncountable services for their clients.

Behind a successful company, there is a great team work and hard work added. Kudos for the great efforts of all team members as there are very capable. Moreover the vast experience, passion and love of the Founder and his uncountable qualities make this company prominent in scent marketing industry.

Jansep Ejercito works hard not to become rich and make the company successful. He always works to earn 100 % satisfaction and trust for his clients. That is why among hundreds of companies his company shines and dominated the Thai market. His company not only deals in scent marketing but also Ambient Scenting, Scent Branding, Aroma Marketing, Signature Scent Creation, Fragrance Marketing, Scent Solutions. The company only not provides scents for Hotels, Malls, Hospitals and Retail Shops but for different events and environment. They introduce different scents for offices to create an environment where the workers can work smoothly and joyfully. If you want to fill your events with joy and charm then only Scent Up can make it happen.

As time passes his company began to rank worldwide and he received lot of costumer from international market. Now his company is among the most famous companies of scent marketing not only in Thailand but in international markets. His company is now a brand and every one demand it.

Jansep Ejercito also promotes the fragrance marketing and ambient marketing. He launches many services related to them. He also starts scent solution and Signature Scent Creation. He always works with honesty and full devotion and as a result he got huge success. Now his company is among the top companies only because of his these capabilities. Now he is also introducing his services worldwide and he gets good results from international markets.

Visit us at www.scentuparomamarketing.com or you may contact our hotline at +66 2 107 1505 or even drop us an Email at [email protected]