The Big Buzz

What is the Big Buzz about Scent Marketing?…

You may have never heard of it, but scent marketing is all the rage. Scent marketing is a technique that adds smells which are customized in order to entice a customer to purchase. A number of studies have shown that consumer’s do interact with products by simply picking them up and sniffing them. Ever since the 1990s, many companies have decided to experiment with this theory to see if they are able to add something fresh and exciting to the customer experience. This is an extremely unique way of doing things as most companies tend to rely on consumers seeing the item and touching the item. The idea of scent marketing is tapping into a whole new world of professional marketing, but why?

Let’s consider it in detail….

In the business market today everybody wants to be a little different from the competition. To be unique in some way is also to create an image of your company that is all your own. Adding scent as a way to market your products is being original, not many other companies would choose this option. This means you are thinking outside of the box. You want your customers to have the ultimate customer experience. So what does scent do for a customer who walks into your store? They tend to feel that your business is clean, big, comfortable, and beautifully decorated. Scent marketing actually accomplishes those very things.

Scents typically swim in an individual’s memory for quite some time. I am sure you can tell right off the top of your head what your mother’s perfume smells like, or what how about Grandma’s apple pie, it is all a part of the theory of scent marketing. Certain scents can make buyers who used to simply window shop, a long-time customer. Companies can even purchase scent machines to create memorable scents for their customers sell products that they may have not normally sold otherwise. Scent marketing has been proven to be more than simply a pleasant smell in the corner store. It is an art that takes the company’s brand, marketing strategies, and audience and matches the scents with these results. A customer will linger around a little bit longer if they smell something that draws them in.

There are many businesses who are currently and actively taking scent marketing to a whole new level. Scent Up, based out of Thailand is the leader in providing and offering customized scent marketing solutions to help your business grow and succeed. Their primary goal is to deliver our customer the right scent that fits with their business and coordinates with the fabric, the layout, and the feel of your business. They want our scents to revolutionary so we come up with a complete vision combined with strong marketing ethics that will impact the consumer and seduce the senses. They want their customers to have a great experience and satisfaction that they would not find anywhere else. Visit their website for more information on the enjoyable and unique scent marketing strategy.