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The power of scent marketing

Get ThePower Of Scent Marketing To Boost Your Business

Take one scenario, you wanted to buy a television and you are given a picture of a television and asked to buy looking at picture, second scenario, a television is shown to you (switched off) given the details and you were asked to buy it. Take third scenario, you were shown a television (switched on), remote in your hand; you can check whatever you want and a person is there to help you. In addition to that a nice environment with your favorite fragrance is there.

What scenario appeals you to buy the television? No doubt the third one, this is the power of scent marketing. Why the third situation does made you to purchase television. The reason is simple, yin first situation you used only your vision sense to get information about product, in second situation all senses were given to get information about product but nice ambience was not there. But, in third scenario everything was there, from vision to scent. This made you to purchase the product.

The scent marketing is the strategy of using human emotional side to promote product to them. Earlier, only one or two sense was used to market a product but now all of them are used. This marketing strategy is has been a great success and it is able to make sell product much easily.

What is Sense And How It Impact Scent Marketing

Sense is a stimulus that originates inside human body and gives experience of outside thing to human being. There are five senses present in human body smell, touch, sight, hear and taste. The scent marketing uses this sense to make the deal close in buyer or seller favor. With this marketing strategy, person tries to seduce the senses of other person by creating nice feeling, odor or behavior.

This marketing technique involves buyer or seller with personal touch, by affecting two or more sense at time. The traditional form of marketing is too rational and it is target large segment of people. On the contrary, scent marketing target only to specific group of people at time. According to marketer, scent marketing fills the gap between traditional marketing and classic marketing.

This is the power of scent marketing. Other benefit of scent marketing is it is cost effective too. Person can plan their budget accordingly and then use different and different methods of scent marketing to money out of pocket. The third party companies that are into marketing business are now actively using this strategy to give business a new turn out. This marketing strategy is of great help in property business as well as other business too.

So, if you are new to business and to scents marketing then get in touch with right and skilled resource that can provide you right strategy and make your idea a big success. Though, scent marketing is very effective in real estate but it has good impact on other business too.