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What is Scent Marketing?

What is Scent Marketing And What Are Its Benefit

Whether you have a product or a service, if it is not marketed properly then it success rate will either be very slow or it will become a failure in market. Presently, selling a product in market has become very tough, in comparison to old day. Now, businesses are being started in environment of tough competition. And to get attention, proper marketing is required very much. In absence of good marketing and promotional activity, the business will not grow in good pace or it will not be able to attract consumer’s attention. Thus marketing and promotion of product and service has major role to play in selling a product as well as building a brand image.

What is Scent Marketing?

As the business competition is increasing the need for good and different marketing strategy is also coming in. Only different marketing strategy can help in gaining consumers attention. In the effort of making different strategies, marketing companies come up with new idea and thoughts all the time looking at market need and its movement. One of the new marketing strategies is scent marketing. Unlike tradition marketing that are mass marketing, rational and consumer focused at the large, Scent marketing uses consumer’s emotions to market product. It is more focused and consumer oriented, it is also said to be more effective.

Scent marketing, as name suggest is related to the scenes of human like touch, smell, view, feel and so. Thus scent marketing take this things into control and gain consumers attention.

One of the best examples of Scent Marketing Is Apple Concept Store, the concept store of Apple is place where buyers can visit anytime, check phone by touching it, feeling it, using it. Consumers can even get in touch with team of Apple at the same time to get more information about same. This strategy of marketing of Apple became great hit and Apple generated and generating good revenue out of it.

The same marketing strategy has been chosen by many other companies like Samsung, Starbucks, Singapore Airlines and so.

Looking at the success rate of scent marketing, now even the small setups are using this strategy to market their products and services. Thought the concept is same for them as well but based on their budget, the method of marketing are changed. Low budget business houses work only on one or two scene to promote their product and gain market. But, here also the companies are gaining huge profit.

History of Scent Marketing

The concept of scent marketing gets introduced in the year 1970, the concept come in with the thought that that television advertisement attracts many consumers using the scent of product. Presently, scent marketing is using all the senses of human to promote product and services.

Now, there are many marketing houses coming in that are helping business houses to do marking using sense technology. Both the marketing companies and business houses are actively using this concept and are gaining good market response.