Why Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing has become an excellent way to appeal to consumer’s do something that stands out from all of the rest. Scent has the ability to connect at a personal and emotional level unlike any other of the five senses. To appeal to a mass market, the concept of scent marketing is very simple. Its purpose is to appeal to a wider audience by connecting to the consumers and drawing them into your business and keeping them there longer. Most companies only think that people are just seeing and touching, but they do so much more than that. A smell will last much longer in their minds than a touch or something they have seen. Scent marketing has the ability to appeal to everyone, and here is why.

For example, let’s just say you are looking to purchase a home and your real estate agent is showing you your potential home for the very first time. Typically if they are showing the house to a number of people they want to create a very homey and comforting environment for the buyer. The realtor may bake some cookies and sit them on the kitchen counter or brew a fresh pot of coffee. What do you feel after you smell the cookies and coffee? You feel more at home, don’t you? You could now picture yourself living there and that is what the realtor is trying to accomplish. So when you walk into a business, a store, a boutique, what is going to attract you to something? Maybe something catches your eye or you hear something appealing, but what if you smelled something that pulled you in and want to find out more? That is the same principle.

When it comes to scent marketing fragrances there are many to choose from. Many companies use them in their offices to keep people in good spirits, or fresh lemon scent when you walk into a store could appeal to you, there are so many different options. These are all just prompting the consumer to remember something, to connect to them emotionally. So it isn’t simply in stores, business offices, doctor’s offices, and many other established would benefit from using a scent marketing fragrance of some kind.

There are a number of companies that want to take scent marketing to a whole new level and Scent Up is one of them. They recognize the power in scent and want to help create a brand image in one’s mind that mixes perfectly with the consumer and their business. Scent marketing requires an very effective strategy of marketing so working with experts who know which scent marketing fragrance is right for you and how to get it, is absolutely priceless. Take a look at their website today for more information on how you too can utilize scent marketing in your current business ventures.