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Why use scent for your property?

Why Use Scent for your Property?

Scent marketing is a concept that came into effect in the year 1970. The introduction of this marketing strategy was inspired from television. When markers realize that television has great impact on marking of product then they understood the importance of scent marketing.

Before, television poster and other printing methods were used to market a product. These marketing strategies were successful too but when television was introduced, marketers started the concept of visual advertising. This used the consumer’s visual sense to fix product’s need in consumers mind. After that, marketers tried to use other senses of human to market their product and thus the introduction of scent marketing come in.

Now comes in why use scent for your property?

It is said, particular scent of a house make the deal crack and thus these day a new concept has emerged in real estate market to sell house or property using scent technique. One of the business magazines says real estates are actively using the scent marketing strategy to convince potential buyer. The concept is giving great result too.

The house owners are using different fragrances to attract buyer’s attention like smell of a bakery, using cinnamon smell to create special scent, smell of lemon to create nice and attractive fragrance in house or so. Though, different people have different opinion on this concept but when the strategy is working then everybody want to take the bite.

Nevertheless, the true concept of Why Use Scent for your Property is bit different. Here seller understands the buyers need and accordingly make them visit the houses that need to be sold. Buyer one visit the site uses all his senses and got convinced to buy the property. Otherwise, who wants to live in a house that smells like a bakery or that has smell of cinnamon.

Meanwhile, the concept of scent marketing is working in real estate business and this is a fact that cannot be ignored. Therefore, while arranging a visit to a house of a potential buyer, one should take both the things into account like creating nice and good fragrance inside house, keeping it clean and good looking and allowing the potential buyer to touch, feel and view each and everything in house. This will create big difference. Scent marketing is very important in property sale and purchase because one buyer or purchase touch, see and feel the product then they gain confidence in it and thus the deal closes. No one wants to buy a property just by getting its looks online.

So, if you are into real estate business and have not used the scent marketing strategy and wanted to use that then go for it. But, make sure do not try your own skills to work upon in. Unlike other method of marketing like visual advertisement, classified ads, posters, Scent marketing needs high end skills. A minor mistake can spoil all your strategy and thus will not help you to build the business.